Statements on the IUB’s Decision to Approve Dakota Access Pipeline Construction Permit

On Friday, the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) approved Dakota Access’s permit application following an extensive review.

The MAIN Coalition’s Chairman, Ed Wiederstein, stated the following upon approval:

I want to thank the Iowa Utilities Board for its thorough review process and approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline project’s construction permit application.  This decision to approve is a victory for Iowa, which stands to gain much through the Dakota Access Pipeline, including much-needed access to a safe and reliable supply of domestic energy that will fuel our state, region and country.  There is no more reliable, no safer, and no more cost-effective way to improve our energy supply than to build pipeline infrastructure. I greatly look forward to seeing Iowa draw upon this project’s many benefits for years to come and thank the Iowa Utilities Board for their careful deliberation and thoughtful decision-making.

Bill Gerhard, President of the Iowa State Building and Constructions Trade Council, issued the following statement after hearing today’s decision: 

The Iowa State Building and Construction Trades Council applauds the Iowa Utilities Board’s approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline project. The Board has carefully considered public input, project merits, as well as the thousands of Iowans who will benefit from the pipeline’s construction. The Board’s decision supports both the long- and short-term needs of Iowa’s workers as well as our national security as we find ways to utilize America’s abundant energy resources in the safest, most efficient manner possible.

Mike Ralston, President of the Iowa Association of Business and Industry, commended the IUB on their announcement:   

On behalf of the Iowa Association of Business and Industry (ABI), I commend the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) for approving construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline through our state.  ABI, which has been a unified voice for business in Iowa since 1903, recognizes the value this project brings to our region in terms of new jobs, increased tax revenue, economic growth and affordable fuel to power local manufacturing, agricultural and other fuel-reliant businesses. The sooner construction of the pipeline proceeds, the sooner Iowa businesses and employees will begin to reap the economic benefits of the project.

Dwight Baldwin, President of the Iowa State Grange, applauded the approval: 

The Iowa State Grange applauds the Iowa Utilities Board approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Dakota Access represents an opportunity for Iowa to benefit from American energy that will help lower farmers’ costs throughout our state. We are pleased this project will be constructed in a manner that puts agricultural interests at the forefront of construction plans and will respect the integrity of our land.

Dawn Carlson, President and CEO of the Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Stores of Iowa, stated the following on the news of the approval: 

The Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Stores of Iowa is proud to see the Iowa Utilities Board green-light the Dakota Access pipeline project. The Dakota Access Pipeline will continue to grow Iowa’s economy by increasing energy access for agriculture and industry as well as create new opportunities for workers within our own association, as well as the laborers and manufacturers required to construct this project.