Pipeline Connecting With Dakota Access Approved in North Dakota

Yesterday, North Dakota’s Public Service Commission approved two pipelines, one of which would connect with the Dakota Access Pipeline, in a move seeking to increase the efficiency of moving Bakken oil. The Wild Basin to Johnsons Corner Pipeline will be approximately 19 miles long, and would deliver 50,000 to 75,000 barrels of crude oil each day for the Dakota Access Pipeline.

PSC Chairman Julie Fedorchak commented on the importance of the new pipeline, saying, “it isn’t very long, but it does provide a good additional resource for transporting this oil and eliminating trucks on the road.”

Commissioner Randy Christmann saw the pipeline project as a sign of commitment to the region, despite the tough economic situation:

“Despite the talk that we hear about the slowdown, and it’s real, it’s not a bust, either. These two cases show that the oil and gas industry is here in North Dakota for the long term. They’re still looking at it as being a long-term positive, and they’re investing substantial amounts of money to make sure they can handle and move their product continually safer and more efficiently.”

The PSC unanimously approved the Dakota Access Pipeline last year, which is projected to be operational by the fourth quarter of 2016.