Manufacturing Benefits Touted At IUB Hearing

Today, Ross Eisenberg of the National Association of Manufacturers took the stand at the Iowa Utilities Board hearing to discuss some of the benefits that pipelines have on American manufacturing.

Manufacturing has witnessed an unprecedented uptick in growth thanks to the abundance of affordable domestic energy. A resurgence once thought unimaginable has become the reality for thousands of businesses large and small across Iowa and the United States. Energy infrastructure projects like the Dakota Access pipeline are critical to further advancing America’s energy independence and powering an industry that represents the backbone of the world’s largest economy.

In addition to the benefits of low cost energy, manufacturers also play a central role in supplying the critical components necessary to build a pipeline. From steel pipe and heavy construction machinery to high-tech pipeline monitoring systems, manufacturers throughout the supply chain contribute significantly to these large-scale projects. Dakota Access has already signed contracts with three Midwestern firms, Caterpillar, Vermeer, and John Deere, to supply more than $200 million in construction equipment. Purchases of this magnitude, made possible because of planned construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, allow these companies to grow, hire more employees, and dedicate more resources to engineering the products of the future.

The industrial revolution of the 1800s propelled America to become the economic powerhouse of the world. Today, with a reliable supply of affordable, domestic energy we again have the opportunity to demonstrate what it means to be Made in America.