Keokuk Daily Gate City Column: “U.S. needs oil independence”

In a recent letter to the editor published in the Keokuk Daily Gate City Patrick Poepping of Quincy, Ill emphasized the need for U.S. energy independence and praised the Illinois Commerce Commission’s decision to approve the Dakota Access Pipeline.

“It is important that pipelines of this nature be constructed if we are to maintain our competitive position in today’s world,” Poepping said, adding that, “This project has the potential to make the United States decrease our dependency on foreign oil. Without a doubt, the ICC made the correct decision regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline.”

Furthermore, Poepping points out that our current system of transporting crude oil by rail is not a long-term solution for shipping our resources. “The Dakota Access Pipeline gives us a safer, faster, and overall more reliable way to transport this domestic oil,” he says.

Increased turmoil in the Middle East has only intensified our nation’s need to relieve its long-held addiction to foreign oil. We have a plethora of domestic energy resources right here in the Unites States, but like Mr. Poepping said, we do not have adequate infrastructure to meet today’s needs. Pipeline projects like Dakota Access are essential to further capitalizing on our own resources and alleviating the need for foreign imports.