Hoeven: Pipelines Provide Safe, Efficient Transportation of Energy Products

hoeven pipeline


Speaking at a U.S. Senate Energy Committee hearing last week, Senator John Hoeven underscored the importance of upgrading and expanding our nation’s pipeline capacity. Hoeven, a longtime advocate all-of-the-above energy policy, also emphasized the need to remove burdensome regulatory hurdles that too often discourage private investment in pipeline infrastructure.

“Pipelines are a safe and efficient means of transporting oil and gas from where they are produced to where they are consumed,” Hoeven said. “Updating and expanding our pipeline infrastructure means safer communities, better environmental stewardship, more energy production and good paying jobs. Those jobs aren’t just in construction. By making energy more affordable, such infrastructure helps create jobs across industries, especially energy-intensive industries like manufacturing. That is why we need to support policies and pass legislation, like our North American Energy Infrastructure Act and others, to empower investment in this infrastructure.”

Hoeven, who previously served as Governor of North Dakota, relied in part on his own experiences to explain the critical role pipelines play. In North Dakota, he attributed the installation of gathering lines as the key driver behind the state’s drastic reduction in natural gas flaring. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, flaring fell from 36 percent in in 2014 to a mere 10 percent in March of this year.

Senator Hoeven has proven to be a reliable, pragmatic leader in the buildout of the nation’s pipeline infrastructure and will no doubt continue to lead as America settles into its newfound role as the world’s leading energy producer