Guest Blog: Let us Build Dakota Access Right

By Will Thomssen

As South Dakota’s Public Utility Commission continues to review the application of the Dakota Access Pipeline, it is clear that this is an investment which is beneficial to our state, the region, and the country. With a capital investment of nearly one billion dollars in South Dakota, the Dakota Access Pipeline will create anywhere between 2,000 and 4,000 jobs, half of which will be sourced from local union halls.

While this is good news for the working men and women of South Dakota, it also means that the income generated by this project will benefit the local businesses and communities along the route of the pipeline through payroll taxes and spending. By choosing to work with unions, the Dakota Access Pipeline will be built using the best and most well trained workforce possible. Men and women working in the construction field are constantly sharpening their skills both through countless hours of real world experience as well as through courses and classes.  As a long-time member of the International Union of Operating Engineers, I support the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline and can proudly say that we will get the job done right.

Will Thomssen is a South Dakota resident and member of Local 49 ABR, International Union of Operating Engineers.