Environmentalists Skew Facts In PUC Hearings On Pipeline

South Dakota Petroleum Marketers Association Corrects Opposition Amid Public Utilities Commission Hearings

Pierre, SD – In the midst of South Dakota’s Public Utilities Commission hearing on the Dakota Access Pipeline, environmental activists have begun disseminating falsities to support their stance against the project. There are specific facts about this project, and the need for energy in this state that must be known.

“This is not a forum for political debate, rather a place for reasoned, structured testimonies based in fact,” said Dawna Leitzke, Executive Director of the South Dakota Petroleum and Propane Marketers Association.

Many environmentalists claim that Bakken crude is somehow more volatile than other types of crude oil, often scaring residents near valuable transport infrastructure. This ‘fact’ was discounted just last month by the director of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). According to the South Dakota Petroleum and Propane Marketers Association, Bakken crude has significantly eased the energy supply burden for the upper Midwest.

“South Dakota has over 6,500 miles of gas and petroleum pipelines buried underground. That’s twice the length of the country, and they operate safely daily. These pipelines help power the state and regional economy, and deliver energy to the consumers who need it,” said Ms. Leitzke.

The South Dakota PUC began their evidentiary hearing proceedings last week on Tuesday, September 29th in Pierre on a permit to construct the Dakota Access Pipeline. The hearing is expected to continue until October 9th.

Pipelines are subjected to rigorous testing, and are inspected thoroughly by trained craftsman. Importantly, waterways crossings are additionally secured by automatic shutoff valves.

The South Dakota Petroleum and Propane Marketers represents multiple sectors of the economy that rely on petroleum resources to grow. Investments like the Dakota Access Pipeline can help cement the 21st century as America’s energy century and will ensure a better economy and a better future. It is important that facts, not conjectures and distortions guide the decision of the Public Utilities Commission.