Boone County board should reconsider pipeline

We attended the most recent meeting of the Boone County Board of Supervisors and are writing to convey our dismay at the decision to adopt a resolution opposing the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. In their resolution, the board stated that the project would have “no benefits” for the people of Boone County. That is simply not the case.

As proud members of labor unions, we can state with certainty that this project will provide employment for thousands of hardworking Iowans. Many of these are people who previously held a different job, but were let go and they took advantage of opportunities to retrain in order to earn an honest living. Many of these folks are your neighbors and friends.

Our work on this project will provide an approximate $50 million in revenue for the state, as well an estimated $27 million in property taxes in the first year alone. This revenue will benefit us all as Iowans. Through the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, transport of regionally produced oil will be made safer and our freight network will be more efficient while still being allowed to grow.

We urge the Boone County Board to reconsider and hear the other side of the story on this issue.