Bismarck Tribune Editorial: Decision on easement is lousy policy

A recently published Bismarck Tribune editorial heavily criticized the Obama Administration for its handling of the ongoing Dakota Access Pipeline protests. The editorial board called the decision not to grant the easement “bad policy” and one that “has the fingerprints of politics on it.” Additionally, “the decision by groups involved in the protest to maintain a presence at the camps until the pipeline issue is resolved means law enforcement resources will continue to be strained. It means continued problems for the SRST Reservation. The corps decision to conduct an additional review of the project means there will be likely more protests, more costs for law enforcement and more damage to SRST reputation in North Dakota. The responsibility falls on the corps and administration.”

According to the editorial, “The Tribune has been supportive of pipelines as a means of moving oil since the oil boom began. Pipelines are more efficient for moving oil than railroads and trucks.”

The article went on to praise Dakota Access “as the safest river-crossing pipeline ever built.”