Agronomists to monitor pipeline project

Recent discussions regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline have raised important questions from landowners about agricultural impact during and after construction of the proposed project.

My colleagues and I with Key Agricultural Services, Inc. and Duraroot will serve as independent monitors and inspectors during the construction and reclamation process for the Dakota Access Pipeline project. We are poised to act as a liaison between the project’s developers and landowners, ready to help farmers answer their questions about how their land will be returned to its pre-construction productivity.

We have decades of local experience in land stewardship and in working with the developers of infrastructure projects like Dakota Access. Our experience is local — we understand how to manage and mitigate risks to the region’s land and know how to work with landowners to ensure their questions are answered and their unique, individual concerns are addressed.

To minimize the impact on agricultural land during the construction phase, this project will segregate the valuable topsoil — placing it aside intact during construction and returning it intact upon completion — to ensure maximum yield after construction. Our company will also inspect the construction process and work with landowners during the right-of-way process to discuss the effect upon agricultural yields.

After construction, we will work with landowners on the reclamation process to return the land to its pre-construction state, if not better. We take pride in communicating openly with landowners throughout the entire process and we are committed to continuing our company’s reputation for transparency to ensure landowner needs are met.