There’s never an excuse for arson

The recent news of the $1 million arson fires on construction equipment that was being used to construct the Dakota Access pipeline in Jasper County has shown the extent that some of the opposition is willing to take to stop a lawfully approved project.

More troubling is that many of the opponents did not condemn the actions, rather some supported the illegal activity. The recent letter to the editor in the Des Moines Register supporting those efforts should be strongly condemned.

As Chad Carter, Vice President of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 234, noted in his own letter-to-the-editor, “There is never an excuse for arson.”

Carter states in his own letter,

Illegal disruptions through dangerous tactics like arson or trespassing should not be accepted. We should not condone those that put the lives of others in danger, which is why I am troubled by the sentiment of David Goodner’s recent Letter to the Editor [Don’t judge Bakken Pipeline arsonist too harshly, Aug. 11]. The arson case he is referring to caused significant damage to private property, and arson is a felony level offense.

 This pipeline was approved by our state government; taking matters into your own hands to stop its construction by any means is illogical, dangerous and illegal.”

Opponents of the projects had their opportunity to voice concerns, support, and questions regarding the project. It is now time to allow for the safe construction of the pipeline and allow our region to benefit from the numerous opportunities it will bring to all Americans.