Thank American Energy for Cheap Gas this Memorial Day Weekend

Gasoline prices will be at an 11-year low for drivers on the road this Memorial Day weekend. Surging domestic oil and gas production in areas like North Dakota’s Bakken Region have drastically reduced the cost of energy for Americans across the nation. Just a few years ago American drivers were paying almost $4.00 a gallon at the pump, nearly double the current national average of $2.29 per gallon.

While increased production has undoubtedly been the leading driver behind the price tumble, the expansion of our nation’s pipeline infrastructure has also played a key role. Previously untapped resources now fueling America’s energy boom are located in regions that have historically not been known as production hubs. The buildout of critical pipeline infrastructure has and will continue to be key to transporting these resources to markets and thus ensuring the supply of low-cost energy.

The proposed Dakota Access Pipeline, which would ship oil from North Dakota to Illinois promises to solidify the Bakken Region as a reliable supplier of U.S. energy needs. Investing in pivotal projects like this today, will ensure that the benefits of affordable energy felt today will remain in the long-term.