Dakota Access Parent Company Tops List of ‘Investment Heroes’

A new report released by the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) shows that Energy Transfer Equity—the Dallas-based parent company of Dakota Access—invested more than $9.3 billion in the United States last year.

Started in 2012, PPI’s “Investment Heroes” report provides an annual ranking of American companies that are making substantial capital investments and improving the national economy in the process. In its latest ranking, PPI outlined 25 firms that collectively spent nearly $177 billion on long-term domestic investments in buildings, equipment, and software.

“To understand which companies are betting on America’s future today, we rank the top 25 companies by their estimated domestic investment in their most recent fiscal year.”

Ranked fourth on the list, ETE stands out as leader in private energy infrastructure development by providing the means to safely move oil and gas resources utilizing private capital for investments rather than placing the burden on American taxpayers.

“This year, as in the previous four years, AT&T is the leading company on our list, having invested an estimated $18.7 billion in the United States in 2015. Next on the list is Verizon, with an estimated $16.5 billion in domestic capital spending, followed by Exxon Mobil, Energy Transfer Partners, Chevron, Walmart, and Google’s parent company, Alphabet.”

For too long America has failed to make essential investments in national infrastructure which will hinder economic progress in the 21st century. The companies outlined as 2016 Investment Heroes are betting on America’s future and making the necessary investments right now—like the Dakota Access Pipeline—that will provide the foundation for new growth in our national economy for decades to come.