Statements on South Dakota PUC Approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline Permit Application

Today, the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) voted to approve Dakota Access’s permit application following an extensive review.

The MAIN Coalition’s Chairman, Ed Wiederstein, issued the following statement upon approval:

The MAIN Coalition is pleased to hear the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission’s decision to approve construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. We appreciate the PUC Commissioners and their staff for their time, efforts, and consideration of this important energy infrastructure project. Projects like Dakota Access help to build on America’s energy security, deliver energy products in a safe and efficient manner, and create new economic opportunities for South Dakota and the Midwest. 

David Owen, President of the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce supported the PUC decision today:

The approval of the Dakota Access pipeline project by the South Dakota PUC today marks tremendous progress in South Dakota’s economic and energy future. From agriculture to small business and manufacturing, the state’s economy will benefit from new pipeline infrastructure to safely and reliably transport domestic energy. We applaud the decision of the PUC and look forward to the benefits this pipeline project will bring our state for years to come.

Dawna Leitzke, Executive Director of the South Dakota Petroleum & Propane Marketers Association stated the following:

Today’s decision is a big win for the state of South Dakota. Representing multiple sectors of South Dakota’s economy, the South Dakota Petroleum and Propane Marketers Association welcomes the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline.  Private investments like the Dakota Access Pipeline will ensure that the 21st century is America’s energy century and will provide our state with new jobs, American energy resources, and needed revenue to ensure a stronger economy and a brighter future.