Standing Rock Won’t Draw Water from North Dakota by End of Year

This map shows approximately where the Dakota Access Pipeline will cross the Missouri River, in red, along with the locations of Fort Yates, North Dakota, and Mobridge, South Dakota, marked in green. (Courtesy of the SayAnythingBlog)

Despite numerous allegations from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe about the threat to water for the reservation from the Dakota Access Pipeline, what has gone unreported is the slated closure of a water intake from Lake Oahe at Fort Yates, ND.

In a conversation reported on SayAnythingBlog Dave Rosencranz, the Dakotas Area manager for the Federal Bureau of Reclamation, pointed out that the Standing Rock community is served by water intakes on Lake Oahe but the Fort Yates intake, which is nearest the Dakota Access Pipeline crossing, is slated for closure. “There’s been a lot of issues with that intake,” referring to the Fort Yates facility. “It’s just time to replace it. It’s basically at the end of its life.”

Once again we see that the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and their allies are willing to talk out of both sides of their mouth to get their way. First they claimed this protest was regarding the safety of their water resources, and now the facts show that they won’t even be pulling water from North Dakota by the end of the year. At first they claimed they would hold a peaceful protest to protect their water, and now violence has broken out as the Standing Rock Sioux attacked members of the labor community.

How much longer can we listen to people who will clearly say whatever it takes to keep the spotlight on them and their agenda? The reality is clearly much different, lies are becoming exposed, and the fabric of the protest is beginning to unravel. Violent acts are now guiding these protesters and it’s time to put a stop to it.