South Dakota Petroleum Marketers Association Corrects Opposition Amid Skewed Facts

The South Dakota Petroleum and Propane Marketers Association is the setting the record straight after recent attempts by environmental activists to disseminate false information about the Dakota Access Pipeline during the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission hearing. Environmentalists are claiming that Bakken crude is somehow more volatile than other types of crude oil, despite the director of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) discounting this ‘fact’ just last month.

In a press release, Dawn Leitzke, Executive Director of the South Dakota Petroleum and Propane Marketers Association noted the PUC hearings are “not a forum for political debate, rather a place for reasoned, structured testimonies based in fact.”

Leitzke goes on to say, “South Dakota has over 6,500 miles of gas and petroleum pipelines buried underground. That’s twice the length of the country, and they operate safely daily. These pipelines help power the state and regional economy, and deliver energy to the consumers who need it.”

The bottom line is that “Bakken crude has significantly eased the energy supply burden for the upper Midwest,” and the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline would provide safe and reliable source of transportation for these valuable natural resources.

Read the full release here.