SD Landowner and Legislator: “Dakota Access delivers confidence”


Arch Beal, a South Dakota state representative from Sioux Falls and landowner, recently penned an LTE in the Argus Leader endorsing the Dakota Access Pipeline. After carefully reviewing the project, Mr. Beal concluded that the project would benefit the state by employing fellow South Dakotans (estimated between two and four thousand) during the construction of the project, generate tax revenue for counties along the route once completed (estimated at $13.5 million a year) , and help the state’s grain growers gain access critical rail shipment space.

Rep. Beal became acquainted with the project on a more personal level as well.  He owns land on the proposed route of the project and had the chance to interact with the company representatives while discussing land easements. Beal wrote:    

In my firsthand dealing with Dakota Access, I have seen them deliver on their stated policy of maximum protection for agricultural land and maximum accommodation of land owners. Specifically, Dakota Access professionals worked with me to create an individualized plan for my property. They amiably altered their original proposed path for the pipeline through my property to accommodate my plans for future development. Dakota Access paid attention to the agricultural needs with a mitigation plan to guarantee that future crop production would not be hindered.

MAIN is encouraged to see that Dakota Access representatives are taking care to ensure that landowners are being treated fairly and their concerns are being heard. The statements made by Rep. Beal were echoed by landowners In North Dakota at the recent Public Service Commission hearing in Mandan. Our region’s farmland is and will continue to be a valuable resource. It is vital that the extraction of our vast energy reserves complement this valuable asset.

We encourage the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission to review the application of Dakota Access in a timely manner. We believe that the many benefits of this project are tangible and will contribute to the continued economic success of our region.