Pipelines Key to Our National Infrastructure

This week, nearly 80 different businesses, labor organizations, and advocacy groups are coming together across the country “to highlight the critical importance of investing in and modernizing America’s infrastructure systems,” during the 3rd annual Infrastructure Week. Much like roads, bridges, and ports, energy transportation is an essential part of our national infrastructure. As a leading oil and gas producer, our country needs a safe, reliable, and efficient method of transporting our energy resources.

Our nation’s current pipeline infrastructure is robust and efficient, with over 150,000 miles of pipeline transporting over 70 percent of America’s petroleum and crude oil.  But, as domestic production continues to increase, we must expand upon this vast network by upgrading existing pipelines and engaging in new projects like the Dakota Access Pipeline.

In our region, we’ve seen energy production increase, but infrastructure development has lagged behind. This week is a good reminder that we need national infrastructure to develop and embrace proven pipeline technologies in order to deliver clean, affordable, and domestic energy to businesses and households across the country.