Pipeline Workers Thankful for Law Enforcement Presence

In a letter published in Inforum, Cory Bryson, a business agent with LiUNA Local 563, thanked local law enforcement for protecting the safety and the rights of pipeline construction workers.

He states: “Every North Dakotan deserves the right to feel safe at home, at work, and in the communities where we live. The actions of the protesters who have illegally occupied private land near Cannon Ball, and ambushed construction site up and down the pipeline right-of-way, have violated those rights, even as they complain loudly about interference with their “right” to trespass and harass workers.”

Since protests began over 400 protesters have been arrested for violent charges including arson, assault, and attempted murder. Morton County, reinforced by state law enforcement and the North Dakota National Guard, is still attempting to establish the rule of law on the camps occupying land on the Cannonball River. Despite the supposed “peaceful” nature of these protests, threats to pipeline workers and law enforcement have not ceased.

In his letter Mr. Bryson calls for an end to the lawlessness, “For months now, our members have worked under constant threat, losing wages and sleep as a result of aggressive and unsafe protest tactics. It must stop. It is time for the federal government to stop delaying completion of this important national infrastructure project. Let us do our jobs, and more importantly, ensure that we are allowed to complete it safely.”