Pipeline Safety An Important Component In America’s Energy Revolution

The Dakota Access Pipeline is much more than a piece of rolled steel laid beneath the soil.

Thanks to the inclusion of many advanced technologies, the Dakota Access Pipeline will be one of the most advanced pieces of energy infrastructure constructed to date.

Remote shutoff valves, controlled from a central command center have the capability to isolate any section of the over 1,100 mile pipeline within minutes, while pressure and temperature sensors provide accurate readings that help pipeline operators get a full picture of the pipe’s integrity. The pipeline will be monitored 24/7, 365 days a year. Additionally, the pipeline will be flown by air on a regular basis to check for any irregularities not caught by monitoring systems.

This type of advanced energy infrastructure, constructed with American labor, is a cornerstone of America’s 21st century energy revolution. The completion of this project is integral to moving away from a dependence on foreign energy and a revitalization of America’s energy economy.