Pipeline projects boost U.S. infrastructure

America’s energy independence has brought new economic opportunities to our communities. As our nation strives to rid ourselves of the influence of foreign oil, infrastructure projects such as the Dakota Access Pipeline make sense for our economy and energy future.

As an operator of 178 miles of pipeline in South Dakota, the South Dakota Intrastate Pipeline Co. understands the need for such projects and the benefits of transporting energy through pipelines. We use these products to heat our homes, power our vehicles and drive our economy. By transporting energy through pipelines, our communities are made safer. Risks from major disasters such as a recent oil train derailment in West Virginia will not be endangering the safety of our communities.

Pipelines are the safest transporting method we have. Through rigorous design specifications and monitoring, to the regulations from local, state, and federal authorities, pipelines are heavily regulated and inspected to minimize environmental impacts. The benefits this project will bring includes increased business for the many hotels, restaurants and local businesses along the route in addition to annual tax revenue that will assist our school districts and other projects.

Improved energy infrastructure projects will only benefit our economy while helping to reduce our dependence on foreign energy. The Dakota Access Pipeline and other energy projects are critical for our state and nation moving forward.