Petition Calls on Politicians to “Stop the Political Games”, Finish Dakota Access Pipeline

In the face of an arbitrary halt on construction of a segment of the Dakota Access Pipeline Friends of Manufacturing has released a petition urging politicians to “stop the political games” and acknowledge the fact that the pipeline has fulfilled all of the regulatory requirements to proceed forward:

 After two years of rigorous review, consultations, and planning, state regulatory bodies of four states and the federal government gave final approvals to build the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Following the successful approval process, opposition to the pipeline went to federal court to stop construction.  The court sided with the builders, who have complied with every request and regulation of municipal, state and federal government bodies.

But last week, the administration announced a plan to “reconsider… previous decisions” regarding a single crossing of the pipeline. Why?

Friends of Manufacturing is a project of the National Association of Manufacturers, which represents a sector employing 12 million men and women. The association released a study late last year showing the positive impact of pipeline construction on manufacturing jobs.

The petition concludes:

Energy infrastructure is essential to growing our manufacturing economy and strengthening our energy security. Let’s come together to move forward, create jobs, strengthen our economy and boost manufacturing.

The time for politics is over. It’s time to put people to work, including the many manufacturers who make this project possible.

To read the text of the petition or sign the petition, follow the link here.