President Obama Weighs In on DAPL, Emphasizes Importance of Moving Our Energy Resources Safely

President Obama recently weighed into the conversation surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline. In an August 31st letter addressed to critics of the project, Mr. Obama outlined the need for the continued investment in alternative energy technologies, but rebuked the unrealistic notion that all fossil fuel production must cease immediately. To the contrary, he instead stressed his belief that safety must be at the forefront of American energy policy.

“Of course, we cannot complete the transition to a clean-energy economy overnight. We will continue to rely partly on fossil fuels—and while we do so, safety must be our first priority.”

Mr. Obama is right to emphasize the need for a safety-oriented approach when it comes to harnessing the power of our domestic energy resources. The Dakota Access Pipeline could not align better with this vision as it will serve as essential step to modernizing our nation’s energy infrastructure. By offering a safe, efficient means for transporting our energy resources, the pipeline will drastically reduce the volume of crude oil traveling through our communities in accident-prone railcars and trucks.

Furthermore, the Dakota Access Pipeline is being built by the most qualified workforce available – men and women who have dedicated their lives to advancing America’s infrastructure in a manner that ensures safe operation and long-term integrity. The pipeline will employ the latest in safety monitoring technology and in many cases, by built in a manner that exceeds federal guidelines and standards.

The MAIN Coalition applauds Mr. Obama for his thoughtful, realistic response to a set of impracticable demands that had been imposed upon him.

Click here to read Mr. Obama’s full letter.