NY Post Editorial “Pipelines Are the Safest Form of Moving Gas and Oil”

A recent editorial from the New York Post highlighted the stacked deck that pipeline companies often face in New York, a movement that seems to be permeating the greater discussion on pipelines nationwide.

In fact, according to the editorial board “the Dakota fight was complicated by supposed wrongs to one Native American tribe, but plenty of the protesters were driven by green ideology: a movement that slams every pipeline as an “environmental threat.”

The reality is that pipelines are in fact the safest means of transporting oil and gas, and where pipelines do not exist the oil and gas does not stop, it simply is moved on less safe forms of transportation. In many cases this is also more expensive, a cost passed along to regular folks at the pump or in our heating bills.

In the words of the editorial, the protests surrounding the pipeline are a hysteria, with little thought given to the long term cost implications that will unfortunately be borne by working men and women throughout the country.