North Dakota Stakeholders React to Dakota Access Pipeline Approval

In a major step to modernize the Bakken region’s energy infrastructure, the North Dakota Public Service Commission voted unanimously to approve the permit for the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Stakeholders across the state, including business and landowners, reacted positively to the Commission’s announcement.

Ron Ness, president of the North Dakota Petroleum Council stated that “the North Dakota Petroleum Council applauds the decision of the Public Service Commission to approve the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. This is a critical piece of infrastructure that will allow safe, efficient and consistent movement of Bakken oil to key markets along the east coast and the Gulf of Mexico, helping diversify the supply of domestic oil to displace foreign oil.”

Scott Meske, president of the Williston Area Chamber of Commerce applauded the decision and emphasized the positive effect the project will have on the city’s economy. “Energy infrastructure investment is crucial for our state to continue to grow its economy and the Dakota Access Pipeline is an investment that will be felt in Williston, and throughout North Dakota and the Upper Midwest,” Meske said.

Roger Kaseman, a landowner living in Emmons County, commended the Public Service Commission for their thorough review.  “I believe in a strong domestic energy sector, and am confident that the Dakota Access Pipeline will help keep Bakken oil competitive. Investments such as the Dakota Access Pipeline create the jobs, revenues, and opportunities that are so essential to maintain the prosperity and economic progress that we have achieved in our state over the last decade,” Kaseman stated.

“The MAIN Coalition is pleased to hear that the North Dakota Public Service Commission (PSC) has approved the permit application for the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline,” commented coalition Chairman Ed Wiederstein. “The MAIN Coalition appreciates the attention given to this critical investment and thank all of our allies for their unwavering commitment. Pipelines are the safest, most efficient way of transporting our energy resources and their further expansion is essential to America’s success for generations to come.”