North Dakota Senator: Energy Infrastructure Development a “No-Brainer”


The Energy Information Agency (EIA), the agency responsible for compiling information on the energy industry, held its annual Energy Conference in Washington DC this past week. Prominent thought leaders from both the private sector and government shared their views on numerous energy related topics. We were pleased to see the presence of North Dakota Senator John Hoeven among the prominent group of speakers, who touched upon the issues that the MAIN Coalition has consistently advocated for. The article reads:

“We need roads, we need rail, we need pipelines, we need transmission—and without them we cannot move energy safely, cost-effectively, dependably from where it’s produced to where it’s consumed,” Hoeven told the 2015 EIA Energy Conference, sponsored by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. “It’s just a no-brainer.”

North Dakota has taken advantage of the energy resources hidden beneath its soil and remained one of the few economic bright spots throughout the recent recession. The state boasts a 3.1% unemployment rate and is leading the nation in population growth. While these development have presented challenges, the state, and indeed the region, has benefitted overall from the energy revolution, raising living standards and providing opportunity.

We are encouraged to hear Sen. Hoeven’s stance on energy infrastructure development. This is an issue that has garnered bipartisan support, with Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz recently stressing the need for infrastructure to keep up with demand. There are many energy infrastructure projects currently under review by respective utility boards and agencies throughout the Midwest. We urge that they be reviewed in a timely manner.