North Dakota Regulators Speak Out on Pipeline Protest

In an article in the Bismarck Tribune, North Dakota’s Public Service Commission regulators defended their permit approval for the Dakota Access Pipeline and said they hope tensions between protesters and law enforcement at a site near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation would cool off in the days ahead while work continues.

A few quotes from the commissioners:

  • “I really regret that there’s this much conflict,” – PSC Chairwoman Julie Fedorchak
  • “They have a right to disagree, they don’t have the right to threaten. They don’t have the right to obstruct.” – PSC Chairwoman Julie Fedorchak
  • “This was very carefully reviewed by the PSC,” – PSC Chairwoman Julie Fedorchak
  • “These groups didn’t come to our hearings,” said Commissioner Brian Kalk, expressing disappointment that tribal leaders didn’t appear at that time to voice their concerns.