Midwest Region Experiences Economic Boon from Dakota Access

Communities along the Dakota Access Pipeline route are experiencing an uptick in economic activity as construction of the multibillion dollar project shifts into full gear. Local businesses across the region are benefiting from a surge in new customers that have come to work on the landmark infrastructure project. In total, the project is expected to create upwards of 12,000 new jobs and inject more than $156 million in additional sales and income taxes.

Moody’s Investors Service calls Dakota Access Pipeline a “credit positive” for 18 Iowa counties in its latest Weekly Credit Outlook for Public Finance. “Moody’s Investors Service says the Iowa Utilities Board’s recent approval of construction for the $3.8 billion Bakken oil pipeline is “credit positive” for 18 Iowa counties along the four-state pipeline route. Moody’s provides financial research on bonds issued by commercial and government organizations and is considered one of the Big Three credit rating agencies. In its latest Weekly Credit Outlook for Public Finance, Moody’s says the pipeline will generate new and recurring property tax revenues and will temporarily increase sales taxes.” (Source: Des Moines Register, 6/24/16)

Small-town economies in Southern North Dakota enjoy much needed boost from pipeline construction. Grocer Todd Mulske in Linton says he’s having trouble keeping steaks in the cooler and potato chips on the shelf. He owns the Linton Food Center and like everyone in the area, he has been noticing the new people in town: welders, excavators and pipeline workers of all stripes. Many show up in the store at about 5 to 6 p.m., looking for something to throw on the grill for supper and pack in the lunchbox for the next day’s work. “Right now, we’re trying to keep up,” Mulske said. “The store’s been crazy.” (Source: Bismarck Tribune, 6/11/16)

  • Local campgrounds full because of pipeline construction. Tiffany Heer, owner of Bayside Resort, a busy campground, store and restaurant just a few miles south of the pipeline route, said she’s got 55 pipeline workers living in campers there. Heer said she’s kept some spots available for locals who like to camp near the water and she’s putting in 18-hour days to keep up, putting out food until late and out of bed before sunrise to open the store and restaurant. “I like the energy that’s coming with the pipeline. It’s such a nice thing to see happen to our local community,” she said.” (Source: Bismarck Tribune, 6/11/16)
  • Family-owned ice cream store in Emmons County seeing record sales. “We’ve just met a lot of really nice, wonderful people from all over the U.S. and it’s just made our first year a huge success and very fulfilling to be a new business owner.” (Source: KXMC-TV, 6/24/16)

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Jacksonville mayor welcomes workers, says pipeline will boost city and county revenues.  “Signs welcoming the workers also have been posted by a variety of businesses, including restaurants, said Jacksonville Mayor Andy Ezard, who added that the spending should provide at least a short-term revenue boost for the city of 19,500. “There’s signs around town welcoming them to come in,” said Ezard. “There’s definitely going to be an economic impact on the city and the county, at least for a while.”” (Source: State Journal-Register, 6/11/16)