Manufacturers Call For Completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline

In a ShopFloor column, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) calls President Obama’s remarks on a possible re-route of the Dakota Access Pipeline “deeply troubling,” and an “unprecedented step not just for this pipeline project but for all future American infrastructure projects.”

The NAM rightly points out that if this is a precedent being set by the Administration, no private company would ever think to invest billions of dollars into a private infrastructure investment like the Dakota Access Pipeline. And it’s those types of investments America needs to sustain and grow our economy. They also reference a letter, written along with 21 other invested groups, expressing concern over continued delays. The sad part is, that letter was written a month ago, and still the final easement has not been issued.

The federal government has put themselves and the people of North Dakota in a precarious position teetering on the edge of the total breakdown of public order in Morton County. Only by approving the final easement, supporting law enforcement efforts to keep the peace and enforce the rule of law, and allowing construction to continue will these protests end.

There is no more room for idle remarks from the Obama Administration about appeasing the interests of both sides; enforce the law, allow construction to continue.