Letter: Pipelines Below Ground Make Lives Above Better

“What’s under your feet, and how does it help your life above-ground?” That is the question posed by an LTE published yesterday by the Sioux City Journal. The author, Mark Albenesius, is perhaps one of the most qualified people to answer that question, having managed water systems for many years.

Just like water systems help sustain life as we know it, Mr. Albensius contends that the Dakota Access Pipeline does the same for the Midwestern region as a whole, and Siouxland in particular. In addition, he identifies other advantages:

Not only will this pipeline be a safer alternative to above-ground transportation methods, such as trains or trucks, but it will create thousands of jobs for local skilled laborers. The utility boards of North Dakota, South Dakota and Illinois have taken a look at this project and approved the routes in their states. It’s time that the Iowa Utilities Board do the same.

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