Letter in InForum Points out Honesty Gap of Pipeline Protesters

Photo courtesy of InForum

Photo Courtesy of InForum

It seems logical that those who demand an end to the use of oil, such as the anti-development activists near Cannon Ball, would act by example, and rid themselves of any oil-based products. However, it is much easier said than done, which was pointed out in a letter published by InForum this morning:

From the tents they sleep in, to the markers they use to write their slogans, to the plastic water bottles they use to hydrate themselves (which is strained though petroleum-based filtration systems), the protesters are examples of just how fundamental petroleum is to our daily lives.

The letter encourages the protesters to be honest with the American people and the media what their true goal is, blocking the development of traditional energy wherever possible in order to cause energy prices to skyrocket, in the hope that it will spur development of energy technology they favor:

The protesters at Standing Rock and those backing them should be honest with the American people about the real costs of blocking the development of projects like Dakota Access. These types of projects are a vital link in our national energy infrastructure grid that enable us to lead the lives we want.

Read the full text of the letter here.