Law Enforcement At North Dakota’s Pipeline Protests Deserve Public Support, Not Vicious Attacks

In Morton County, North Dakota, law enforcement is putting their lives on the line to provide public safety, enforce the rule of law, and protect protesters who exercise their First Amendment rights in a peaceful and prayerful way.

They have been called to action in response to large-scale unrest over a proposed pipeline that is to be built on what protesters believe is sacred Native American land. The Dakota Access Pipeline, which is already more than two-thirds completed, is a $3.7 billion project that would create between 8,000 to 12,000 construction jobs and would transport oil from North Dakota to southern Illinois. In August, protests by Native American groups halted construction, but only temporarily. Today, work continues on all private land up to the Missouri River despite the Obama administration requesting the company in charge to voluntarily hold construction.

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