Kelcy Warren Sets Record Straight on Dakota Access, Again

Today, a letter by Kelcy Warren, the chairman of the Dakota Access Pipeline’s parent company Energy Transfer Partners, surfaced in response to an Oct. 26 letter, which contained a litany of factually incorrect statements made by the Indigo Girls and multiple other leading folk music artists. The musical groups have attempted to use false information about the pipeline to politicize their participation in Warren’s popular charity event to help children’s organizations.

In Warren’s letter, he states, “Your letter reinforces the reality that DAPL has become a source of contention among some of the Native American community and environmental activists. However, the deliberate misinformation that has been disseminated via online outlets and social media and by those speaking to the media without regard for the truth is troubling. The misinformation intentionally omits the real facts about DAPL, the approval and careful permitting processes over the last four years and the significant efforts undertaken by ETP to be good stewards of natural resources.”

Warren goes on to outline the facts about Dakota Access, including that the pipeline does not cross the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, was approved by state and federal agencies, and was subject to an extensive consultation process.

“During the planning process for the project, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe rejected numerous overtures from a number of agencies and from Energy Transfer to directly participate in the dialogue concerning DAPL, however, the tribe did meet with the Army Corp on a number of occasions and ultimately a route was specifically chosen to avoid the tribe’s land in North Dakota.”

In closing, Warren underscores Energy Transfer Partners’ and Dakota Access’ commitment to environmental stewardship, while also recognizing that fossil fuels continue to play a pivotal role in everyday life.

Read Warren’s full letter here.