Judge in Dakota Access Case Denies Motion for Preliminary Injunction: Construction May Proceed

Moments ago, Judge Boasberg issued his ruling denying the motion for a preliminary injunction regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline.

MAIN Coalition spokesman Craig Stevens released the following statement:

“We are pleased that Judge Boasberg’s reasonable decision will allow work to move forward on the Dakota Access Pipeline.  The company has received all needed approvals, invested billions of dollars across four states, and worked to be good partners in this – one of the largest private infrastructure projects ever developed in the U.S.

 “Had the decision been different, it most certainly would have had a chilling effect on domestic infrastructure development and the U.S. economy as no sane American company would dare invest the time and resources necessary for proper consultations and approvals only to have its project shuttered halfway through.

 “While we certainly recognize the emotionally charged atmosphere at the site and elsewhere, we are hopeful that all parties will follow the law, peaceably demonstrate, and ultimately move forward together in support of a better future for all individuals and communities concerned.”