Iowa Approves Dakota Access Pipeline

The Iowa Utility Board’s decision to approve the Dakota Access Pipeline is a crucial step in the right direction towards fulfilling the goal of constructing an energy infrastructure for the 21st century.

Not only will the Dakota Access Pipeline provide thousands of Iowa’s skilled men and women with a paycheck, the project will generate millions of dollars in revenue for the state during construction and after it becomes operational. While the American energy revolution may have created challenges for our region and our state’s rail infrastructure, projects like Dakota Access can help invest in our state and overcome these challenges with state-of-the-art energy infrastructure needed to move these products safely to market.

With the approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline, Iowans can expect to see revenue flowing into the state coffers for vital community investments, and allow thousands of Iowans can get to work.

Thank you to the Iowa Utilities Board for your important review and understanding of how to move our state forward.