Inforum: Media Spins Fairy Tales of Peaceful Protests

The MAIN Coalition has shared previously that for nearly three months now, the protest activity has ranged from violent interactions with law enforcement to millions of dollars’ worth of destruction of property and equipment. This is, of course, contrary to what the “peaceful” protesters in Cannon Ball would like you to believe, and what some media outlets have reported.

Inforum published a letter-to-the-editor this week highlighting the misinformed reality of the protests and noted that “[d]espite facts, some media outlets  [have] spun the narrative once again into the realm of make believe: That the peaceful protesters were simply praying and were then violently attacked.”

We’ve known now for months the protests are anything but peaceful. From the illegally blocked public roads, assaulted journalists, charred bridges, slaughtered animals, and yes, even attempted murder charges of one protester who fired shots aimed at law enforcement – the situation and unrest is unacceptable.

The protesters must adhere to the law – they have a right to protest – but as President Obama stated, they must do so peacefully. There is nothing peaceful about their actions to date.