Hopefully, the IUB Will Look At the Facts

Opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline are engaged in a campaign of systematic fear-mongering that fails to recognize reality and isn’t based on hard facts.

The truth is, the pipeline will be a boon for our local economy, creating thousands of much-needed construction jobs. It also will contribute millions of dollars to state and local government through property taxes and sales taxes. That helps to ensure that we can continue to receive vital services like education and infrastructure improvements.

The Dakota Access Pipeline will incorporate the latest technology to ensure safety and the project leaders have committed to minimizing disruptions for landowners and maximizing protection of the environment.

We have an opportunity to be part of a process that will advance our nation’s energy security by making domestic sources more affordable and reliable than foreign impor! ts – all while creating jobs and growing the economy.

That’s the kind of solution that Iowa needs, and I hope that the Iowa Utilities Board will look at the facts and not be misled by misguided scare tactics.

Charlie Wishman

Des Moines