Energy Transfer Partners Releases Memo After Federal Government Requests Voluntary Stoppage

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Kelcy Warren, CEO of Dakota Access’ parent company Energy Transfer Partners released a memo to employees which clarified the company’s position amidst the ongoing protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The memo highlights the following points:

  • The right of way for the entire Dakota Access Pipeline has been obtained in all four states.
  • The land adjacent to, and underneath Lake Oahe where the pipeline will be constructed is not subject to Native American control or ownership.
  • The pipeline crossing at Lake Oahe is adjacent to an existing natural gas pipeline constructed in 1982.
  • Multiple archaeological studies found no sacred items or sites along the route.
  • Multiple pipelines, railways, and highways which transport energy resources already cross the Missouri River.

Warren goes on to say that the company has met with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe nine times over the course of the permit application process:

“We – like all Americans – value and respect cultural diversity and the significant role that Native American culture plays in our nation’s history and its future and hope to be able to strengthen our relationship with the Native American communities as we move forward with this project,” says Warren.