Majority of Iowa Easements Secured According To Dakota Access

Chuck Frey, in his testimony at the IUB evidentiary hearing, provided an update on the status of land easements needed to route the Dakota Access Pipeline through Iowa. According to the latest tally, the company has acquired 74.9% of all easements needed in the state. The Des Moines Register noted, “additional easements are still being secured through negotiations on almost a daily basis.”

As Mr. Frey has emphasized, the company is committed to working with landowners to sign as many voluntary easements as possible, and has negotiated several accommodations for affected landowners. Earlier testimony from ETP representative Monica Howard and Duraroot representative Aaron Dejoia outlined specific ways that the company has committed to working with landowners. Ms. Howard spoke at length on the company’s commitment to protecting environmentally sensitive areas, while Mr. Dejoia described the efforts to ensure that landowners have their soil restored as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The MAIN Coalition is encouraged by the overwhelming support from landowners that Dakota Access has secured and is looking forward to seeing the results of further voluntary easements, which will continue to be negotiated throughout the process.