Dakota Access Named as Contributor to American Manufacturing

Even though the Dakota Access Pipeline has not yet broken ground, the $3.7 billion investment is already bolstering American manufacturing through the milling and assembly of the thousands of pipe segments necessary to construct the 1,134-mile system. Numerous specialized steel mills across the country have seen substantial orders for the highly sophisticated segments necessary to construct this state of the art system. Other manufacturing plants have been busy constructing thousands of valves, bolts, gauges, and other equipment necessary to guarantee a safe and efficient way to deliver regionally extracted energy to consumers.

As a voice of American manufacturers across all industries, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) has long recognized the economic benefits that such investments create. In a recent post released on the Shopfloor Blog, NAM stated:

Manufacturing creates opportunity and growth, and we see that with the construction and long-term operation of new pipeline infrastructure. To compete in the global market, manufacturers depend on access to affordable energy. Investing in pipeline infrastructure today will ensure the benefits of reliable energy for America’s manufacturing sector for generations to come.

The Dakota Access Pipeline was named as one of the projects helping create new opportunity and growth:

North Dakota is the epicenter of the new American oil boom, but despite growing production levels, the region still lacks adequate pipeline capacity to meet new market dynamics. The Dakota Access Pipeline project aims to solve this problem by offering transport these valuable resources.

With three of the four state utility agencies along the route having already granted approval for the project, the MAIN Coalition looks forward to Dakota Access bringing the same economic benefits enjoyed by manufacturers to the hardworking men and women across the Midwest and their families.

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