Dakota Access Fulfills Commitment To American Manufacturers

The Des Moines Register reported Thursday that Dakota Access has fulfilled a pledge to purchase more than $200 million in American-made heavy equipment necessary to construct the $3.8 billion pipeline.   

“The purchases have been fully executed and include 250 excavators from Caterpillar Inc. and 80 excavators from Deere & Co., as well as equipment from Iowa-based Vermeer Corp., said Dakota Access representative Vicki Granado.”

Earlier this year, officials from Caterpillar, Deere and Vermeer filed letters urging state utility boards and commissions to approve the landmark energy infrastructure project. Now, with the pipeline fully approved, equipment from all three of these industry-leading manufactures can be seen a construction sites all along the four-state route.

American manufacturers are already benefiting immensely now that the Dakota Access Pipeline is under construction. The will continue to see the long-lasting benefits once operational as it will deliver affordable, domestic energy to markets across the nation.

A resurgent manufacturing sector has already shown us how low-cost energy can transform our economy, create jobs, and maintain competitiveness in a global market. Projects like Dakota Access will solidify these gains and ensure the continued ability of business to grow and thrive in the United States.