Counties prepare for possibility of Bakken pipeline

Southeast Iowa counties are bracing for the very real possibility of the Bakken crude oil pipeline cutting through their jurisdiction.

The Jefferson County Supervisors met with two engineering companies Monday morning to discuss required services if the pipeline is approved.

If the pipeline is eventually approved by the state, the engineering company selected by the county would be overseeing construction and ensure farmland is handled correctly.

“If it is approved and if it does come through Jefferson County, then we have a responsibility as a board to make sure that we have a consultant in place to protect the best interest of Jefferson County and the interest of the landowners that will be affected,” said Lee Dimmitt of the Jefferson County Supervisors.

Demmitt stressed that there has been no letter of intent signed with an engineering consulting company.

The construction and final route of Bakken oil pipeline is pending approval from the Iowa Utilities Board; made up of three individuals appointed by Gov. Terry Branstad.