Chairman Wiederstein Appears on the Radio, Explains Benefits of Dakota Access Pipeline


MAIN Coalition Chairman Ed Wiederstein appeared on the radio in South Dakota to talk about the benefits of the Dakota Access project. Ed touched upon benefits the measurable benefits that the project would bring, such as the creation of thousands of construction jobs, and windfall in payroll and property taxes for the various states.

MAIN believes that the concern for safety should underpin all infrastructure development projects in our region, and the topic was discussed at length. Government statistics have shown pipelines to be the safest way of transporting oil and Wiederstein touched upon these points in the interview, and mentioned some of the new technology that will be built into the pipeline project.

While only a long term concerted effort will alleviate all the challenges that the Midwest faces with transporting the energy resources we have, to the consumers who need them, the Dakota Access Pipeline is a step in the right direction.

To hear excerpts from the radio interview, follow the link below: