Blocking Infrastructure At All Costs Is Too Big A Price To Pay


Yesterday the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe asked the Iowa Utilities Board to block the planned construction start of the Dakota Access Pipeline until all permits are received from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, even though the Corps only has jurisdiction over 3% of the entire length of the pipeline.

These types of delays, simply put, are hurtful to our region’s agricultural community. If construction continues to be delayed then farmers will risk inclement late fall weather, which could make continuing construction impossible. That would mean this project, intended to only take one growing season, could be pushed into a second in order to avoid winter construction.

Though these opposition groups state they are attempting to protect the land in reality these last ditch efforts to stop the pipeline, which has already been approved by four states, are actually risking hurting the land. Our coalition believes that the best way to ensure that the land is protected, is to make sure that necessary infrastructure is constructed in a timely manner. Stymying the efforts of the Corps of Engineers by demanding another environmental review is to the detriment of those who live on and work the land where the pipeline will be constructed, and is far too great a price to pay.