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The Midwest Alliance for Infrastructure Now (MAIN) is a partnership of entities from the agriculture, business, and labor sectors aimed at supporting the economic development and energy security benefits associated with infrastructure projects in the Midwest. With the domestic energy sector in the midst of an unprecedented boom, the methods by which energy resources are safely transported from “field to market” have never been more important to our nation’s economic well-being, or to our pursuit of energy independence.

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Reflecting on the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Next Chapter for the Bakken

Bakken Oil Business Journal

In 2014, North Dakota began permitting discussions for the Dakota Access Pipeline. Now, after over two years of discussion, permitting, and construction Dakota Access is nearing completion. This 1,172-mile infrastructure project was designed to transport Bakken crude oil to a hub in Patoka, Illinois. There it will be distributed for consumption by Americans across the country. This first critical pipeline infrastructure link […]

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As Dakota Access Nears Completion, America Still Needs Pipeline Infrastructure

Tony Clark | Real Clear Energy

In recent weeks, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers handed down the final easement needed for the Dakota Access Pipeline to cross Lake Oahe in my home state of North Dakota. The pipeline is just days away from becoming operational. While legal battles will likely continue to be waged, court rulings to date have consistently […]

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What Does Infrastructure Mean to the Midwest?

In just the last decade, the energy outlook in the United States has undergone a drastic transformation. Thanks to rapid expansion of production in states like North Dakota, the United States is now a global leader in energy supply. Our expanding energy supply has also left us less dependent on energy resources imported from places […]

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Local Job Creation and Economic Impact

Job creation is at the heart of a robust and growing economy. Major capital investments in all four states crossed by the project have placed our state near the forefront of economic development nationwide. Projects like Dakota Access are needed to sustain our recent growth, and keep our states on the path toward a stable […]

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A Safer Way to Move Energy

We in the Midwest are proud to be at the tip of the spear when it comes to expanding the role of renewable energy in the United States. But even as these sources of energy grow, the reality is that today’s economy runs on fossil fuels, and it will for quite some time. Given this […]

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